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We stock a wide range of colours in most products, and specialise in heat shrink sleeving, expandable braid, cut sleeves and printed markers, as well as a comprehensive range of other electrical insulating sleevings.


Heat shrink sleeving does exactly that. It shrinks when heat is applied; making it ideal for when a snug fit is required, on an irregularly shaped joint for instance. It is also perfect for repairing wires, bundling wires together, and protecting wires or small parts from minor abrasion.

Heat shrink tubing provides good electrical insulation, protection from dust, solvents and other foreign materials, as well as strain relief. Here, at Printasleeve, we provide a number of different heat shrink solutions to meet your every need. We provide heat shrink sleeving with varying working temperature (from -200°C to + 200°C), shrink ratios (from 2:1 to 4:1), inside diameters (from 1.2mm to 170mm) and wall thicknesses (from super thin to heavy wall).

We also supply a number of different colours and materials fulfilling different industry standards - Layflat PVC , cross-linked polyolefin , polyvinylidene fluoride and zero halogen to name but a few. Try us for popular names like Kynar® and PTFE , or more unusual products such as PVC, Viton®, Elastomeric and Silicone(where no specification is available please contact us for details). We also have the facilities and expertise to custom print your heat shrink with the wording and/or logo of your choice, as well as cut your sleeving to lengths suiting you.


Adhesive lined heat shrink has all the advantages of traditional heat shrink with one important addition; it contains a layer of thermoplastic adhesive. This allows for a good seal and better adhesion. We are able to provide a wide range of dual wall heat shrinkable sleeving suitable for a number of applications: Adhesive Lined Polyolefin in 3:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios , medium and heavy wall Polyolefin sleeving, both lined and unlined and PTFE Heat Shrink with an FEP liner .


With over 20 years experience in this field, we have the expertise and machinery to cater for a vast range of printing requirements. We offer a fully personalised service whereby you are consulted at every key stage to ensure that the end product is just as you imagined it. In order to do this we offer you the choice of a vast number of fonts and materials , the facilities to print logos and images as well as text and 9 different print colours .

We also offer a choice in the way your printed sleeving is supplied : Choose from cut, semi-severed or continuous sleeving. If for any reason we are unable to fulfil your exact requirements due to technical limitations, we will endeavour to offer you an appropriate alternative that meets with approval.


Braided sleeving is a versatile product made from synthetic monofilaments which have been specially designed to offer mechanical, thermal and acoustic insulation. It is easy to apply thanks to its expansion and retraction characteristics, and is used in a vast number of industries. It is also a popular method of organising wire and breakouts in electrical harnesses.

Braided sleeving, sometimes known as webbing, is one of Printasleeve’s best selling products and so our product range is constantly increasing. Recent additions are wraparound braid with self-closing side entry, and Megamide which is ideal for very high temperatures and rigorous mechanical situations. However, we still supply the old favourites: Grey and black braid ranging in size from 3mm to 100mm, a braided sleeving with an increased expansion ratio , as well as a wide range of coloured braid and Type P manufactured from a flat monofilament for extra durability. We are also proud of the technique we have developed that allows us to print on certain types of braiding .



Flexible sleeving has been used for many decades for the covering and protection of wires and cables as well as where colour coding where desirable. At Printasleeve, we can supply a variety of non-shrink. Our extensive product range includes Neoprene with its excellent elasticity, and PVC , the standard low price material. It also included non shrink with more specialist applications such as PTFE and Silicone Rubber which is soft and flexible and yet has a very high operating temperature (180°C).

Our braided glass sleevings are also popular. We can provide these as heat-treated or acrylic or silicone coated. These braided glass materials have the advantage of being able to stand temperatures of over 400°C at which point only the coating will burn off.


The ladder sleeve layout allows these markers to be printed with sequential numbering, dimensions, reference information such as part numbers, production date and/or time and drawing numbers as well as any other variable information.  They can be marked with virtually any customised or personalised text.   Each print can be repeated as many or as few times as required; thus it is as easy to produce one off, individual labels as it is longer runs, without wasting materials.  The ladder format also allows for the automatic kitting of the marker sleeves in the desired sequence.  We can supply blank, unprinted sleeves compatible with the majority of in-house marking systems or print them for you according to your particular specifications.